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Second Chance! Get Your Bike Today!

On May 26th, I wrote about an exclusive offer for the MYX bike for the month of May. BODi (Beachbody on Demand) has decided to extend that offer until the end of June. If you sign up for BODi as a Coach/Partner, you can receive up to $700 off your new MYX bike. See what a difference the bike can make in your BODi experience:

  • The 360° swivel screen takes your workouts seamlessly from bike to floor

  • The heart rate monitor makes every workout truly personalized for you

  • Inspiring and motivating rides with your favorite Super Trainers and BODi trainers

  • A whole new level of fitness—and results

When you sign up for BODi, they will ask you if you want a particular coach. My coach ID is 2924055.

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