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How To Set Up Your Indoor Cycling Bike

I am here today to help you understand how to set up your bike. The saddle setup is very important and can impact how safely you are riding and how much you can get out of your ride.

  • Bike Setup

    • Set the saddle on the saddle bar in a neutral position so there is equal distance front & bike.

    • The rider should stand directly next to the saddle, lift the inside leg to 90 degrees and line up the back of the saddle with the top of the thigh. Alternatively, the rider can place his or her finger on the greater trochanter (ball and socket hip joint) and match that level.

    • Heel Check: The rider should sit on the widest part of the saddle, hands comfortably on the handlebars, with a neutral spine. The rider places the crank arms straight up and down (12 & 6 o’clock) and place a heel on the pedal spindle of the bottom (6 o’clock), keeping the foot parallel to the floor. The knee should be fully extended and the hips should be level. If not, adjust the saddle up or down as needed.

    • Now, the rider places the balls of his or her feet over the center of the pedals. This is when the rider should either clip in or put their shoes in the cages. There should be a 25 to 35 degree bend in the let in the 6 o’clock position

    • Pedal slowly to check that the hips do not rock side to side in the saddle and that the knees don’t lock out, which may mean that the saddle is too high. It can lead to IT band issues, low back pain, and hamstring strain.

    • If the saddle is too low, inadequate leg extension can cause undue strain on the knees and overuse of the quadriceps and hip flexor muscles, leading to weak hamstrings.

  • Handlebar Height

    • Handlebar adjustment should be for comfort, enabling the upper body to remain in a relaxed position

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