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Updated Class Schedule for July

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

I have added some strength training classes to the schedule, and wanted to post the new schedule to keep you all updated. All times are in the Central Time Zone.

My Burnalong schedule is:

July 5th at 3:15PM - Strength Training

July 7th at 3:15PM - Strength Training

July 10th at 3:15PM - Strength Training

July 11th at 3:15PM - Cycling

July 18th at 8AM - Cycling

July 20th at 8AM - Cycling

July 25th at 8AM - Cycling

July 27th at 8AM - Cycling

I am also hosting a live cycling class on Facebook on Saturday July 15th at 8AM Central Time Zone. This is a free class. Donations are accepted.

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