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Burnalong Promo

I would like to share with you a promo code for the Burnalong app. Burnalong is an app that has fitness classes and wellbeing classes. There is literally something for anyone through Burnalong. I have taught a few classes on there, and I find the platform fairly easy to navigate. If you have tried other on demand fitness companies, I encourage you to join today. Email me for the promo code. I have two different options for you. The first option is the monthly option, priced at $9 per month (regularly priced at $14.99). The second and best option is the yearly option, priced at $61 per year (regularly priced at $120). If you take the yearly option, that averages $5 per month. Contact me today if you are interested in joining!

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Burnalong Promo Code

I have been teaching my live classes on Burnalong. Burnalong is a virtual health and wellness platform that hosts live and on demand content. They have fitness classes, wellness talks, and education.

8 Week Performance Program

Starting on August 1st, I will be teaching a Cycling 8 Week Performance Program. All classes will be taught on Burnalong. There will be one ride per week for eight weeks, plus a bonus recovery ride, w


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